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Water Coolers: 10/10 For Hygiene & Safety

Date Added: January 19, 2012 11:09:49 AM
Author: Willson Kooper
Category: Business And Economy
The world is facing many challenges both in water scarcity and the quality of the current water supply. The whole world is gripped with problems such as climate change; population growth, agricultural development, and industrial pollution that have put huge pressure on existing water sources. No nation, rich or poor, is spared from a water crisis. U.S is not only facing the greatest water shortage but also pure drinking water.

Though tap water in U.S is considered as the most cleaned water all over the world, however a lot more has to done to prove this statement true. Many parts of the country still have been suffering from water borne diseases drinking polluted water without knowing it. Even after setting the EPA in 1974 to safeguard the health of millions and supply pure drinking tap water. In a recent study it declares that still there are more than 8000 chemicals found in water which are dangerous for health. Also in 2010 EPA found cancer causing chemical in drinking water.Water treatment plants are not even safe to supply clean water. These treatment plants have to do two jobs together. Firstly to treat the polluted water that arrives for treatment and second to fight against the pollution that enters waterways. Some even say the ground water is safer than tap water as it is filtered by rocks and soil. However the scene is different in cities as they are dependent upon rivers and lakes for drinking water.

There are various pollutants currently have been found by EPA such as Microbes; Cities are dependent on rivers and lakes for their drinking water and undoubtedly they are the home for microbes. And they are very dangerous if by any reason enter into human body. Due to widespread industrial farming in rural areas when livestock mixes with runoff contaminate ground water.Chlorine is the main disinfectant used to treat drinking water, but if used in more than desired quantity can have the opposite effect such as eye and nose irritation, stomach discomfort, anaemia, and even neurological problems in infants and young children. 
Inorganic chemicals are one of the world's oldest water pollutants, but humans have also helped spread them around. Metals like copper, lead and mercury can leak from natural deposits, seeping out of rust pipes or being emitted by mines, factories and refineries are capable of creating havoc. Last but not the least are organic pollutants which include a wide array of synthetic chemicals. These chemicals are believed to cause cancer or disrupt the endocrine system and in some cases result into kidney failure.Water coolers or bottled water coolers are considered as safest means of drinking water as they cannot be poisoned by the kitchen sink. Water coolers further purify the tap water since many companies use the same municipal water sources that supply homes and businesses. Bottled water coolers can offer a more sustainable option than water bottles or tap water. Bottled water coolers costs much less when compare to bottled water. Water coolers supply unlimited water supply anytime we want. 
So water coolers when compare to other sources of clean water are more trustworthy and reliable source of clean water.


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