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Water coolers are essential to keep employees fit and healthy

Date Added: January 13, 2012 01:11:09 PM
Author: Willson Kooper
Category: Business And Economy
Water is an important element for the life exists on the earth. Human body also consist of normally 70% of water. Water is essential for cleaning, washing, irrigating our crops and keeping our livestock healthy. In simple words without water the life cease to exist.

Without water our internal organs cannot perform as it regulates temperature, transports nutrients, and eliminates waste from the body. It carries and sends messages to brain. Water most importantly acts as a lubricant. Water is lost from the body in the form sweat, urination and breathing. If not replaced result into dehydration.
A person can survive a few days without food but cannot without water. Drinking 6 to 7 glasses water is recommended by the health experts. Water is so essential and necessary for life, drinking impure water is the cause of many dreadful diseases.Drinking water regularly either from tap or the bottled water coolers or from a spring is important to maintain health. We must drink pure water as any negligence will cost us heavy and even can take somebody’s life as well. When we compare water from bottled water coolers to that of tap water has dangerous pollutants that testing may not find out. Water must be treated before making it fit for drinking. Treated water will make it free from nitrates, lead, copper, viruses and bacteria. These dangerous pollutants found in tap water may be invisible but carry many life taking diseases. Bottled water coolers can hold water from eight to twenty gallons of cold water.Water Coolers

Water coolers are used in offices, hospital, and factories, and industrial houses. While making such a purchase one must know the basic technology behind it. Thermoelectric modules convert the electricity into a cooling power using a pump that is highly capable. This method of cooling is quiet, reliable and environmentally friendly. This is mostly the only factor that determines your final decision of purchasing water coolers. You may also go with a compressor as a form of energy. This kind of purchasing works well for unit with a space that is eighty degrees Fahrenheit and above. Due to its strong cooling ability a generator technology can operate successfully. There are certain units which come with dispensers that allows for cold and hot water. The hot water is excellent for making a quick hot drink like instant coffee or hot chocolate. These dispensers comprises of, on and off switch for safety as they can cause serious burns. Bottled water coolers is a big industry so before making any purchase search out the market. You may find many units offering incentives and rebates. It is also recommended to go through all the bottled water coolers manufacturer’s manual and understand how your unit works. Onetouch water coolers offers world class efficient water cooler and are hooked up to a standard municipal tap water supplies. The water is purified and filtered through multiple step systems and the purified water automatically and continuously fills the cooler unit.


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