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How to deal with Drink Driving Penalties

Date Added: November 22, 2012 11:24:27 AM
Author: Joseph Pineda
Category: Society: Law
One of the leading cause of road accidents now a days are from drunk driving. Everybody knows that don’t drink when you drive and when you drink don’t drive is the common phrase we always hear. So true but unfortunately not everyone else follow. In dealing with drink driving penalties first, when you are arrested you had the right to refuse to take the breathalyzer machine this is not acceptable in court as evidence. Second, if police officer subject you to brought to jail, you had the right not to answer their questions unless you had your lawyer with you. Third, if your driver’s license is confiscated be sure to check that the issued receipt for it is for the shorter period only, it means for temporary reasons. Lastly, know your rights of punishment or offenses that was charge against you. Keeping in silence was the best thing to do to make you safe. DUI lawyers are subject to help persons particularly drivers who are accused of drink driving penalties. They are in charge of gathering pieces of evidence that will help their clients to be found not guilty. You can sit down with your lawyer and discuss issue regarding your case. It is important for clients to cooperate and tell the truth to his lawyer in order for them to be ready to defend clients in court whatever situation would be. Avoid dishonesty this may not help your case, thus it will lead you to worst thing. To sum up all this things, the best thing to avoid all this drink driving penalties is to follow the common phrase we always hear or they always say. Prevention is better than finding a solution to our drunk driving penalties.


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