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What to do while in India

Date Added: July 13, 2012 11:52:06 AM
Author: Roopa Venkat
Category: Travel
Are you planning to move or holiday in Incredible India??? Wondering what you can do while in India. Get geared to be taken on a mesmerising journey. There are plenty of fabulous experiences to be enjoyed be it the landscapes, rich traditions, culture, music, arts, architecture, philosophy and cuisines. Get a kaleidoscopic view of how one of the world oldest living civilizations blends its diversity to form a composite whole. Here are some things to do while in India 1. Celebrate a festival: Being a country where many religions and faiths coexist, there are many religious festivals celebrated all year round. Soak in the festivities, colours and sights. Be a part of the celebrations to get a deeper insight to Indian culture. Deck up in colourful clothes and do the Dandiya, watch the beautiful Pookalam(flower patterns) and enjoy the spread of Kerala cuisine during Onam, dance away with the Lord Ganesha during Ganesh Chaturthi, form the human pyramids and break the earthen pots during Janmastami(Birth of Lord Krishna), enjoy the harvest festivals across India (Lodhi, Sankranthi just to name a few). Enjoy the Temple festivals like Pooram (Kerala) and Christmas at Goa with the choicest homemade wine and Pork Vindaloo. Feel like a Nawab(King) during the Id celebrations in Hyderabad. 2. Visit the Monuments and Architecture: Indian monuments and architecture spread across the length and breadth of India tell the amazing stories of the bygone era. With breathtaking architecture and intricate work, many of the monuments are heritage sites. Great importance is given to preserving them. Indian architecture has been a form of expression which is widely seen in the many forts, palaces, places of worship. Visit the Taj Mahal, the Buddist Stupas, the mesmerising Churches, the bejewelled Islamic sites and the intricately carved Temples. The British era also left many other styles like Gothic, Imperial, Christian, English Renaisance and Victorian. 3. Chill out on the beaches, desert, and jungles or at the hill stations in a country known to be geographically diverse. Many beaches line the coasts of India. They have everything to offer from solitude to nightlife. Stay at the beach shacks or the boutique resorts along the coastline. India is fast gaining the reputation of an adventure travel destination. Indulge is some river rafting, dune bashing or mountain climbing. There are plenty of options to get your adrenaline rushing. The many national wildlife parks make for some great sighting of wildlife. 4. Shopping at the Markets: Indian markets are very engaging and sometimes endless with winding roads, street vendors and bustling activity. Chaotic as they may be, they make for some interesting sights and buys. Check out the local produce, fabrics and the work of the local artisans which is unique to different regions. Chandini Chowk in Delhi, Chor Bazar, and Crawford Market in Mumbai and Johari Bazaar in Jaipur are some well known Market places. 5. Learn Yoga- Yoga has been practised in India for centuries as a way of relaxing the body and soul. It has gone on to become very popular in the West and India has seen an ever increasing number of people come to study Yoga in India. Rejuvenate while you are in India with the flexible courses available. 6. Indian cuisine is a blend of thousands of regional cuisines which date back centuries. Indian dishes are known to use various Indian spices, herbs, nuts, fruits, vegetables and meats. Vegetarianism is a widespread practise in Indian society. Each segment of Indian cooking includes a wide array of dishes and cooking techniques. Get a taste of the diverse, region based Indian cuisine. Try eating your meals on a banana leaf, sampling fresh toddy, eating fish curry cooked in mustard oil and the most amazing vegetarian food, fresh seafood and meats. India is a Foodies delight. While in India experience firsthand what diversity is all about. Welcome to the land of hospitality where we say – “Athithi devo Bhava” (The guest is god).


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