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Fiber-optic Internet Access & Advantages

Date Added: June 01, 2012 09:29:59 AM
Author: Destin
Category: Computers And Technology
Internet Service Providers offer customers with an array of devices to choose from which determines the type of internet access that they will be provided with. In addition to the devices, the clients are also given a specific access account to benefit from the services. The major Internet access types such as dial up, DSL, ADSL, cable network, BPL, GPRS, Wi-Fi, fiber optics, satellite internet etc. are adopted by subscribers according to their diverse needs. Fiber-optic Internet Connection utilizes fiber optic cables that encompass multiple strands of special optical material. These Fiber optic cables convert electrical signals carrying data into light then carried by the optical fibers. These transparent fibers made of glass or plastic carry a good deal of data on per second basis over long distance without any hindrance. Hence Fiber optics has high level capacity and utmost speed compared to other types of Internet access. The connection offer most rapid downloading and uploading service when compared to other connections. The connection is highly secure with diminutive maintenance cost which is an additional advantage to the users. The large amount of data signals can be transmitted from one end to other end of the fiber optic connection exclusive of any interference and without the need of signal strengthening. In remote lands and locations with limited but emerging facilities such as Afghanistan internet access depends on Satellite Internet and lately on Fiber Optic Connection. Fiber Optic though expensive is the fastest means of access especially in up and coming in newly developing areas. For further reference visit :


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