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For effective power usage trust diesel generators

Date Added: December 05, 2011 08:47:53 AM
Author: Willson Kooper
Category: Business And Economy

Every day we see the international fuel prices are hiking. The main reason for this increasing fuel pricesis rising population and the reduction of non-renewable resources. The depletion of non-renewable sources has affected the supply of electricity. As the demand of electricity increasingand on the other hand the supply is diminishing. The world understood long back and thanks to theinvention of diesel engine which has proved to be very efficient and cost –effective. Though Diesel fuel is a bit higher than gasoline, however more energy can be extracted from diesel as compared with the same volume of gasoline. They give more mileage and a heartthrob of industrial units.

As diesel engines are attracting greater attention due to their higher efficiency and cost effectiveness, thus diesel operated generators are in great demand. Diesel powered generators are used in great number at  industrial and commercial establishments. Diesel generators are in great demand at homes and industrial plants hospitals and commercial buildings. Due to frequent power failures they can either be prime power sources or standby/back-up power sources.

Diesel generators are available in various specifications and sizes.  Diesel generator sets rating 5-30KW are typically used in simple home and personal applications like recreational vehicles.  Industrial applications cover a wider spectrum of power ratings (from 30 kW to 6 Megawatts) and are used in numerous industries throughout the globe.  For home use, single-phase power generators are sufficient. Three-phase power generators are primarily used for industrial purposes.

Diesel generating sets are used in places which are without electricity and as an emergency power-supply. Here are the reasons why Diesel operated power generators are better than petrol engines and gasoline:

·         Diesel engines burn less fuel than a petrol engine performing the same work, due to the engines higher temperature of combustion and greater expansion ratio

·         Diesel engines can convert 45 percent of fuel energy into mechanical energy whereas gasoline engines are typically 30 percent efficient.  

·         Diesel engines do to have to attend the high-tension electrical ignition system, resulting in high reliability and easy adaptation to damp environments

·         The life of a diesel engine is generally about twice as long as that of petrol engine due to the increased strength of parts used.

·         Diesel fuel has better lubrication properties than petrol as well

·         Diesel fuel is distilled directly from petroleum.

·         Diesel fuel is considered safer than petrol in many applications. Although diesel fuel will burn in open air using a candle wick, it will not explode and does not release a large amount of flammable vapour.

·         They generate less waste heat in cooling and exhaust.

·         The carbon monoxide content of the exhaust is minimal in diesel engines; therefore they are used in underground mines as well.

Our different sizes Diesel generators and Power generators are used for various purposes and possibly in all situations. They are your true companion in all emergency services.


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