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How many burners do you need on your portable propane camp stove?

Date Added: May 12, 2012 09:51:12 PM
Author: Jeff Buck Johnson
Category: Recreation: Scouting
Propane camp stoves can vary in the amount of burners and how much heating capacity each burner is capable of. Some of the high output burners may be as high as 25,000 Btu’s whereas some in the economy range may sink as low as 5,000 Btu’s. There are numerous reasons for choosing a camp stove with the heating capacity that will best suit your needs. The person who likes to wander around with only a pack on their back will appreciate the light weight of a single burner camp stove. I have also observed guys using single burner stoves to heat a warm meal up on construction sites. There have been numerous times when a single burner propane camp stove provided a warm meal  in the middle of a frozen lake on 4 feet of ice trying to persuade fish to show up for dinner. The most common size is the double burner class. This size has been irreplaceable for family, fishing and hunting camping trips. The northern camping season seems to start with the fishing opener continuing through the summer to late season hunting trips. A double burner propane camp stove can easily accommodate all the cooking for a family of up to eight as well as a group of hungry hunters heading out for a day in the field. For the people preparing food for larger groups such as a family reunion or a block party with neighbors, a triple or four burner propane stove may be needed. Most of the larger stoves increase in Btu’s to accommodate larger pots and pans which in turn will increase your food production capacity. Having up to four burners to choose from can give special events such as a tailgating pregame party quite a few different options for providing choices on game day. When you do get to the larger stoves there are more available freestanding models to choose from than the smaller camp stoves. The freestanding models can provide a safe and level cooking area even when on uneven ground. To wrap this all up I would say that the number of burners on your portable propane camp stove can vary from a single burner all the way up to four burners. The amount that you will need will be directly related to what you plan on using your propane stove for. The heating capacity also can vary quite a bit. The hunter preparing breakfast on a cold below zero morning will appreciate some extra heat a lot more than a camper just heating up water for coffee. It doesn’t matter if you’re a backpacker or if you are someone that will always be hanging out in large groups. There is a portable propane camp stove out there for everybody.     Jeff Buck Johnson is the author and can provide additional Tips and Information about the use & safety of a propane stove. Jeff is an outdoorsman, spending countless nights in the northern woods of Minnesota. Get prepared now, check out our full line of camp stove products today.


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