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5 Hot Camp Stove Tips for a Successful Outdoor Cooking Experience!

Date Added: May 12, 2012 09:49:03 PM
Author: Jeff Buck Johnson
Category: Recreation: Scouting
Start with a dependable easy to use propane camp stove preferably one with electronic ignition. A portable stove with double burners may not be enough for a large group. A triple burner or even a four burner propane camp stove could make it easier for such a time. Make sure to bring enough fuel canisters to supply your portable stove for the duration of your outdoor adventure. Check area over to find a level spot to place your portable propane camp stove to provide a safe and stable cooking surface. This may turn out to be a picnic table, a table designed to hold propane stoves or any flat surface big enough to provide a stable spot for your portable stove. A freestanding propane stove with sturdy legs could make it easy to find a good spot to cook. Increased versatility can be achieved with adjustable legs that will be much easier to level on uneven ground. The finished product from your cooking should always start with a good quality food product. Never skimp on food quality. If there is anything that you can prepare ahead of time to make your outdoor cooking easier make sure to take advantage of this time saver. It could be as easy as chopping your onions and putting them in a Zip-Loc bag or putting some steaks in a sealed container with your favorite marinade. The more things that you can prepare ahead of time the better. It will make for a more relaxed cooking atmosphere. The number of guest will dictate on how much food prep is needed. Good quality cooking utensils can make the chore easier and more enjoyable. Some people may prefer to use cast iron while the majority probably will be using non-stick. I would recommend that you use whatever you feel more comfortable with. Try to cook the same way as you would at home. The same quality foods cooked in the same quality pans should yield a better quality eating experience then at home. A fresh cooked meal always seems to be better when enjoyed outdoors.   Family and good friends are the last piece to the puzzle of the great outdoor cooking experience. Someone to share the fun and chores with makes for an even more memorable experience. In conclusion, all safety protocols should be followed including finding a level area to cook on. Take the previously prepared quality food out of the cooler and put in your pans on your safe and dependable portable propane camp stove. Bring the whole family and invite all your friends. Sharing good times with the ones that you love really is the most important thing in life.  Jeff Buck Johnson is the author and can provide additional Tips and Information about the use & safety of a propane stove. Jeff is an outdoorsman, spending countless nights in the northern woods of Minnesota. Find us on Facebook at Propane Stove Shop and “Like” us there.


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