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Why would I want a Camp Stove?

Date Added: May 12, 2012 09:46:49 PM
Author: Jeff Buck Johnson
Category: Recreation: Scouting
I know a lot of people that want to experience every aspect of camping. Many people think that all they need is the campfire. I have cooked coffee on my camp stove for many of them. Messing with the fire on a cold morning as you are sipping on some hot coffee gets the body pumping.  No way would I ever be camping or anywhere else for that matter without my hot coffee in the morning. I’m not talking about the instant coffee granules. I mean the real deal. Good coffee that has just been freshly ground. It’s as easy as heating up some water with your favorite coffee in the percolator. Let's get serious, the ease of operation and wide range over control of a camping stove make the stove the most valuable piece of camping equipment on the market. The coffee was just to get us going and breakfast on the camp stove will help you conquer the day with a full head of steam. Lately the breakfast of choice for the kids has been pancakes and bacon. I prefer bacon, eggs, hash browns and toast. If you can flip the eggs in the pan without breaking the yolks you are one of the few. The angle of the pan edge is the secret. I was trained professionally and flip them wherever I cook them. I actually bring my favorite pans with me for family outings. I haven’t seen too many others doing the same. The food flipping in the pan does make it more exciting. The kids always enjoy the show too. Now that we have had our coffee and our breakfast we can get out and enjoy the reason that we came to this destination. It could be fishing, hunting or just getting out on the lake to enjoy the beautiful day. I have experienced the fact that the days always seem to go by too fast when you’re having fun, especially when all that you have to work with is the weekend. There have been many days that we would get back to camp a little later than we had anticipated for one reason or another. The original plan would include grilling in the evening. Sometimes after getting back late with a feeling like you are wiped out. It is always nice and convenient to fire up that camp stove and whip up a quick meal so that you can get back to relaxing as soon as possible. Sitting around the campfire with family and friends can be very rejuvenating to the soul. To address the question: Why would I want a Camp Stove? It is simple.  I want the camp stove to make my outdoor adventures more enjoyable by providing me with an easy to operate fully adjustable propane camping stove for my cooking especially for the times that I was not intending to use it for that purpose. There are many times when raising kids that you need to resort to “Plan B”. Remember that tomorrow is a new day and there may be more things on the list of things to do so get out and enjoy the great outdoors.  Jeff Buck Johnson is the author and can provide additional Tips and Information about the use & safety of a propane stove. Jeff is an outdoorsman, spending countless nights in the northern woods of Minnesota. Get prepared now, check out our full line of camp stove products today.


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