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Electronic ignition verses matches.

Date Added: May 12, 2012 09:44:26 PM
Author: Jeff Buck Johnson
Category: Recreation: Scouting
Many people enjoy the conveniences of modern technology, while some prefer to stick to simpler things from a simpler time. While still others like the modern technology that has a backup plan.    Electronic ignition has changed how people cook outdoors. It is hard to find a propane cooking device without electronic ignition in this day and age. I have also seen that it has expanded into the health maintenance field. Some people have marketed it as a pain reliever. I am not sure how good it works for that. All I know is that I will not buy one for that. I think it was a great idea for a propane stove though.    The electronic ignition on a stove can make the whole experience of cooking outdoors a lot easier, thus making the time outside more enjoyable and memorable. I have heard some complaints such as, the darn thing doesn’t work all the time or that when it is wet outside during and after a rain shower it will not work. The first thing to address would be to check and make sure that the electronic ignition device has been properly installed and works as it was designed to work.  The ignition is usually mounted next to the burner with a short distance in between the ignition device and the metal of the burner. This is where the spark jumps from the igniter to the burner. With your gas valve on, ignition should happen relatively quickly. Make sure you always have the cover open so the gas will not accumulate under the cover and cause an explosion upon ignition. Now if that spark has to jump a larger distance the chances for a problem are greater. The metals condition that the spark is jumping to can be a factor also, if the burner is old and has a lot of rust a good ignition might be hard to achieve. If you find any of these things wrong with your propane stove, it is possible depending on make and model to get replacement parts. This could be hard for you to fix or too costly. It may be time to replace your present model with a new version that has all the modern features available.    I have in the past experienced problems in wet conditions. It may be a rain storm or the fact that it is a hundred degrees outside and very humid. The best plan to have in place is to have matches or a lighter available just in case the electronic ignition fails to work properly. Mixing modern technology and some old school tricks can keep everything running smoothly.    To wrap this all up, I would recommend that you purchase all your propane stoves with electronic ignition built in and have a lighter and or matches for those unexpected times when it does not function properly. Take this information, get outdoors and start camping. Jeff Buck Johnson is the author and can provide additional Tips and Information about the use & safety of a propane stove. Jeff is an outdoorsman, spending countless nights in the northern woods of Minnesota. Find us on Facebook at Propane Stove Shop and “Like” us there.


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